Hair Fixing Services in Uttam Nagar

Non surgical hair replacement is great for those who are in the hidden stage of hair loss. At max Hair Studio, we have personalized non-surgical hair replacement to meet various needs of our customers. Our team of non surgical experts can help you to achieve fashionable, natural looking hair.
When we talk of the term "Hair Replacement" we are talking about a particular non-surgical hair loss solution. When we talk of "Hair Restoration" we are talking about a particular surgical hair loss solution, also known as "Hair Transplant Surgery".
Though the two terms are often used interchangeably in the hair loss industry, they are completely two different solutions. One of them known as non surgical hair replacement, these high-end toupees typically signifies some sort of extremely durable mesh base that colored to match your skin tone. High-end European hair is linked to this mesh base using special knotting techniques that not only secure the hair to the base, but also allow the knots to vanish on the base giving the impression of hair growing out of the head.
Once the hair is linked with the base, the knots are enclosed at the bottom of the mesh base to prevent the knots from unfastening and causing unwanted hair to fall out. The hair is generally the same color match as the client's own hair, but sometimes the hair on the hair system must be colored to match the client's hair.
Prior to creating the hair system, a specially trained designer will take a pattern of the client's head and proceed to design the hair system, considering age-appropriate recession of the hair line, the hair line itself, cowlicks and part. Is the hair separated on the left or the right?
At max Hair Studio we have perfected all steps of Non Surgical Hair Replacement in order to replace the hair exactly as it was on your head before you lost your hair.