Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a turmoil in which white patches of skin show up on various parts of the body. This happens in light of the fact that the cells that influence shade (to shading) in the skin are pulverized. These phones are called melanocytes . Vitiligo can likewise influence the mucous films, (for example, the tissue inside the mouth and nose) and the eye.

Vitiligo Treatment or White Patches Treatment depends on enhancing your skin's appearance by reestablishing its shading. Re-pigmentation treatment is best on face and trunk; hands, feet and regions with white hair react ineffectively. Contrasted with long standing patches, new ones will probably react to medicinal treatment.

The treatment can be classified into

  • Medical treatment : Oral / Applications
  • Light-based treatment : PUVA, PUVA sol, NB UVB, Excimer Laser and Light
  • Surgical treatment : Transplantation of skin or Melanocyte cells
  • Camouflage : Water resistant Make up to cover up the patches (Dermacolor)
  • Depigmentation : Removal of residual brown pigment in a case of extensive Vitiligo
  • Salient Features of Vitiligo Treatment by Skin Laser Centre:

    • Complete Treatment under the supervision of a Board certified MD Dermatologist
    • Complete open and honest discussions about treatment, chances of recovery, positive and negative effects of the treatment
    • Use of Latest Technology including Full Body UV chambers, Excimer, Cell transplantation .. all under one roof
    • Vitiligo Patient Testimonials